AppleTV – Now Shipping

Apple has just changed the shipping date on AppleTV from “Mid-March” to “3-5 days”. That means that the AppleTV is now officially shipping. Order should start arriving for customers who pre-ordered in the next few days. You’ll find first look pics and a full review later this week right here on the site.  I’m also […]

Who are the most influential people in Mac technical community?

MacTech wants to know who the most influential people in the Mac Tech Community are… The MacTech 25 is designed to recognize the technical contributions of developers, writers, bloggers, problem-solvers and personalities to the Macintosh technical community. The MacTech 25 is not a popularity contest, nor is it to “pick your favorite CEO.” We’re looking […]

Prediction: AppleTV will NEVER be a DVR

I’ve been reading posts about the AppleTV in anticipation of the device being released (hopefully) tomorrow. One post in particular caught my eye from Apple Insider earlier today. The article’s main focus is on ThinkEquity analyst Jonathan Hoopes’ opinion that the “Apple TV is an ideal conduit for multiple services including DVR, paid-for content, gaming, […]

Widget Watch: Listen

There are a lot of iTunes widgets out there…but this one is – by  far – my favorite.  Not only is it a slick iTunes interface that is nice and zippy, it also has some cool direct connections to the iTunes store, giving you quick access to some of the hottest stuff out right now. […]

Apple Gazette Daily Episode 11 is Live!

MSN Money Loves Apple, New Export Options in Quicktime, and BBC Factual goes all Final Cut Pro. All this and more on on Apple Gazette Daily for Monday, March 19th, 2007 You can subscribe via iTunes, or by RSS feed, or… you can directly download the episode right here. Show Notes: Apple Rolls Out a […]

OS X Quick Tip: Email a URL at Super Speed!

If you want to share a URL with a buddy, there is a super fast way to do it in OS X. Just hit Command-Shift-I and mail will open with the name of the page in the subject line, and the URL linked in the body of the email. Note that this only works while […]

Power Manager 3.6 Released

If you’re looking to shave a few bucks off of that energy bill (and who isn’t?), then Power Manager just might be the software for you. Dssw announced today the release of version 3.6 of their power management software. Power Manager works by automatically performing events such as starting up, shutting down, and putting your […]

Disney clears Jobs of backdating stock options

MaCNN reports that Disney has done its own internal investigation over the alleged back dating of stock options at Pixar. What they have concluded is that, while there appears to have been some misconduct in this area, none of it was by people currently working at Pixar….that includes Steve Jobs and all of the current […]

DockArt – Change your iTunes icon to Album Art

TUAW points us toward a really cool iTunes plugin that does something very simple, and very well.  With this plugin when you’re listening to music in iTunes, whenver album art is available, your iTunes icon will be replaced with the artwork associated with that track…an update for version 7 has just be released. The plugin […]