Money Saving Macs? My How Times Have Changed…

There is a great article over at Wired about how opinions of Macs have changed in recent years. People used to complain that Macs were too expensive, but as Windows machines become more and more infected with viruses and spyware, Macs suddenly become much more valuable for the price. Things are changing…and while I don’t […]

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Desktop set 1.0

Do you like stupid humor?  Well, it doesn’t get much stupider than Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and now you can cover your desktop in their stupid goodness. This set contains wallpapers featuring Frylock, Shake, Meatwad, Carl and others – in all their Aqua Teen stupidity. This is one of those shows that I hate to […]

NAB Invitations have been sent out

Apple has sent out NAB invitations, officially naming the event Lights, Camera, Apple.  This, of course, fuels speculation that Final Cut Pro’s latest update will be a part of the event, and I think that’s fairly certain at this point. Rumors also continue to circle about Mac Pros – and with the recent foreign Apple […]

Apple Gazette Daily Episode 13 is Live!

Apple TV is officially on the way, NAB Invitations have been sent, It’s Spring Time, and Myst Online is in the Wild all on Apple Gazette Daily for March 21st, 2007. You can subscribe via iTunes, or by RSS feed, or… you can directly download the episode right here. In addition to that, you should […]

Humor: PVP lovingly pokes fun at Mac Fans

I don’t read webcomics everyday like I used to, but occasionally I’ll stop by the sites and read some of my favorite online comic strips. One of the sites I can’t seem to escape is – PVP has been a daily staple of my reading for over five years now, and it’s amazing to […]

RUMOR: Slimmer iMacs coming at some point in the future

I noticed a lot of odd incoming links today from Engadget and others to the Apple Rumor Generator that I created a short time ago, and I was curious as to why that was happening…well, after reading the rumor from Apple Insider, I can see why people are pointing to the ole generator… …”people familiar […]

Chromatic Bytes releases ZeusDraw 1.1

Chromatic bytes has released an update to their vector drawing application, ZuesDraw. Version 1.1 features several updates, including: – Blend Modes – ZeusDraw now supports Blend Modes. – Improved Gradient Tool – You can now drag and drop colors directly to the gradient when editing gradients in place with the Gradient Tool. – Choice of […]

Apple Gazette Daily Episode 12 is Live!

AppleTV is on the way, Apple reveals WWDC details, and if you’re a student, you might be able to go for free…that and more on Apple Gazette Daily for March 20th, 2007 You can subscribe via iTunes, or by RSS feed, or… you can directly download the episode right here. In addition to that, you […]

OS X Quick Tip: Email an Entire Webpage!

Today’s Quick Tip comes from Neil. You can send an entire webpage in Safari by pressing cmd+I – this will open a mail window with the entire page loaded inside the body of the message, with the title of the page in the subject line. Perfect for sending your buddy at the office who’s Internet […]