Google/Apple will do “Many more Projects Together”

Chief Executive Eric Schmidt stated on Monday that Google and Apple, Inc are going to be colaborating on “many more” projects together, but did not go into specifics about what those projects might be. This statement was in response to a question about the possibility of Apple and Google working together on a tablet styled […]

Adobe Creative Suite 3 confirmed for March 27 – Ad campaign begins

Adobe is billing the release of Creative Suite 3 as “the largest software release in Adobe’s 25-year history” according to Apple Insider. Adobe will be celebrating the global launch of the event via a live webcast at 8:30 pm UK time on March 27, 2007. While the company has remained “hush hush” on the specific […]

Microsoft discussed dumping Office to ‘hurt Apple’

Even more fun stuff has been exposed via the Iowa anti-trust trial. This time it’s in the form of documetation that confirms Microsoft considered dumping the Mac version of Office in order to do “a great deal of harm” to Apple. The email specifically described dumping Office for Mac as “The strongest bargaining point we […]

First impressions of iTunes 7.1 w/ screenshots

iTunes 7.1 has been released today.  The updated software includes several fixes, Apple TV support, and a cool new feature…full screen Cover Flow. I was a little disappointed by the full screen Cover Flow, because I was hoping the images would flip over and show you the full track lists like the full screen Cover […]

It’s official MediaFork is now Handbrake

In a blog post this weekend, it was officially announced that MediaFork nad Handbreak have merged together. The next beta release will be called Handbreak, and it will be released in the next 2 to 3 weeks. It’s nice to see the projects coming back together under the Handbrake brand…although as long as this app […]

Apple Gazette Daily Episode 1 is Live!

So…I kinda like this podcasting thing, and I know a lot of listeners liked the short-form news focused version of our Weekly podcast’s first few episodes…so, with that in mind, I would like to present to you the latest Apple Gazette experiment…Apple Gazette Daily. This podcast will be updated daily, and will feature news, rumors, […]

CompUSA Advertising AppleTV for $249

Check out this CompUSA ad special.  They have the as-yet-unreleased AppleTV listed for the discounted price of $249 through March 10th.  Now, we all know the AppleTV isn’t shipping until March 20th (or so we’re told), but I’m assuming that this ad special was put together by CompUSA prior to Apple’s announcement that the new […]

Warning: Do Not install the WWAN 1.0 Support update

Apparently there are several people reporting that they have experienced signifigent problems  with the WWAN 1.0 Support update that was released last week.  The site that was originally dugg is completely dead at the time I write this, but a digg commentor explained the problem here: Besides not working very well with N routers (besides […]