Roth MC4 Music Cocoon uses Real Tubes

The Roth MC4 Music Cocoon is a unique iPod Dock to say the least. It is a mix of old technology, and new technology. How? Well…the thing uses TUBES. No, not the Tubes that the Interweb is a series of, but actual real opperating tubes so you can hear your music like most of us […]

Software Spotlight: iFeedPod

Want to take your favorites blogs and news sites on the go with you?  Why not use that iPod you’ve already got in your pocket? iFeedPod from Carnglas Software lets you do just that.  The program is pretty simple, you simply ad the sites you want to keep up with (assuming they have an RSS […]

OS X QuickTip: Faster Full Name Viewing

If you’re like me, when you use the Finder, you use it in list view.  It’s essentially the only view I can tolerate, but there is one problem with it that I run into constantly. Most of the time the names of documents are two long to be viewed completely. That’s not a big deal […]

SPECULATION: Macworld UK thinks new Apple Products coming soon

Macworld UK has learned that supplies of several Apple products appear to be restricted now – but will be available in plentiful supply in two weeks. They also state that it’s “the typical pattern of drought seen in advance of significant product launches.” While it is true that this situation could be a sign of […]

Widget Watch: TV Forecast

If you want a quick and easy way to keep track of when your favorite shows are going to be running new episodes, TV Forecast is your widget. You simply search for the shows you’re looking for and it will let you know when new episodes are coming on. It’s not perfect, I tried to […]

Apple Gazette Daily Episode 3 is Live!

$150 bucks off your iPhone from Cingular?, Apple CFO talks upcoming projects, an OS X Quick tip just for Daily listeners and more! In spite of a terrbily garbled sore throat, the 3rd edition of Apple Gazette Daily is Live! You can subscribe via iTunes, or by RSS feed, or you can directly download the […]

Adobe CS3 won’t ship until “later in Spring”

Just to clarify from yesterday’s post about Adobe’s launch of CS3…the March 27th event is only going to be the announcement of the products and features inside the new Creative Suite Package. Adobe rep Cara Cassidy stated in a blog post “We are announcing Creative Suite 3 on March 27th…However, the software will not ship […]

Apple Enters Fortune Magazine’s “Most Admired Companies” List

Score one more point for Apple today, as they have ranked very highly in Fortune Magazine’s “Most Admired Companies”. MacNN reports that the Cupertino based company was named the second most admired computer based company, and seventh most admired company overall…beating Microsoft, who came in at number eight. Not bad, especially when you consider this […]

The Merlin Show: “Quicksilver Comma Trick”

The latest edition of The Merlin Show, a video podcast that is quickly growing on me, has posted a tip for all you Quicksilver enthusiasts out there. I’ve never been able to get into Quicksilver myself (stop it…no hate mail…I didn’t say I didn’t like it…I just haven’t gotten into it), but if you’re a […]

Apple Gazette Daily Episode 2 is Live!

Apple Gazette Daily Episode 2 is now up for download. In this edition we cover iTunes 7.1, Microsoft’s discussion of discontinuing MacOffice ( include an excerpt from Macworld 2007) and more… You can subscribe to the Podcast via RSS by clicking here. You can find us in iTunes by clicking here. If you would like […]