Apple has received $400 Million in Free Advertising for iPhone

Harvard Professor David Yoffie estimates that Apple has received over $400 Million in free advertising for the iPhone.  Stating that “No other company has ever received that kind of attention for a product launch.” in this lengthy article about Apple’s market savy. Of course, for readers of this site…and any other Apple related blog, this […]

Widget Watch: Mooninites

This is a fun friday afternoon post before heading out to see 300.  Now, I want to warn everyone in Boston before hand…don’t freak out…this is just a widget.  It is not a terrorist attack on your Mac. This cool little widget lets your gaphitti your own Dashboard with either Err or ignignokt, the Mooninites […]

Apple Releases Airport Extreme Update 2007-200

Apple released an Airport Extreme Update yesterday.  The update addresses the security concerns regarding system crashes caused by “attackers on the wireless network”. The update is recommended for all Macbook and Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo users as it increases compatibility with some WEP Open System third-party access points.

Apple Gazette Daily Episode 5 is Live!

Is Apple looking for a Multitouch display Engineer?, Flip4mac Releases an innovative new DVD back up tool, and will the Apple Subnotebok run the iPhone version of OSX? All this and more on this edition of Apple Gazette Daily for March 9th, 2007 You can subscribe via iTunes, or by RSS feed, or… you can […]

Steve Jobs #132 on Forbes “World’s Top Billionaires” list

Forbes has published it’s list of “The World’s Top Billionaires” and College Drop-out/Apple Cult Leader Steve Jobs clocks in at #132 with a net worth of 5.7 billion self-made dollars. It must be nice. From the article: King of the iPods sold his Pixar Animation hit factory to Disney last May. Today Jobs is Disney’s […]

Flip4Mac release Drive-In Public Beta

The crew over at Flip4Mac have released an innovative new DVD back-up tool for Mac Owners. The program is called Drive-In, and it allows you to completely back up your DVDs on your Mac…menus, video quality, everything stays in…even the copy protection.  You can’t share your back ups with others, but you can play it […]

5 Must Have Apple Mail Enhancers

Apple Mail is a great email client… …but there’s always room for improvement, and if you get a lot of mail, or compulsively check your mail, there are some really excellent Apple Mail plugins that can help you get more work done, and still stay on top of those forwards you love getting from grandma…. […]

Adium is looking for YOU

Adium is probably the best Instant Messenger solution on OSX, and the team behind the awesome client are looking for your help. How can you contribute? If you don’t have any developing skills, just leaving  feedback will be helpful, but if you’re a developer there are some “cool but challenging” upcoming features that they could […]

OS X QuickTip: Resize the Dock

Some people love the Dock…some people hate it. I happen to like the Dock quite a bit. I like having large icons at the bottom of the screen to easily find the applications thatI use the most…BUT…sometimes I need more onscreen realestate. So, the simplest thing to do would be to resize the Dock. I […]