Superman is a Mac User

On the television show Smallville – in this week’s episode Lana Lang ended up snooping around in young Clark Kent’s room. We don’t see his room much, but this time, I notice a little something that seemed just right for a slow news day…anyway, here it is. Clark Kent (aka Superman) is a Mac User. […]

7 Predictions for WWDC 2007

What will the World Wide Developer’s Conference have for us this year? Last year people were hoping for the iPhone, the True Video iPod, New Displays, New Mac Pros, New iPod Nanos, and Blu-Ray support. What did we get? New Mac Pros, and a Preview of Leopard. I think our expectations should be similar this […]

Anyone else sick of talking about DRM?

You know, this is always a slow time of year for the Apple online community.  We’re in the place between Macworld and WWDC…in alot of ways it’s like the eye of the Apple yearly hurricane. So when something happens that might remotely be interesting to talk about, the Apple community (and the tech community in […]

RUMOR: CompUSA puts Mac Pros on the “D Status”

This originated in the MacRumors forums, and I caught it off of TUAW, but this is an interesting bit of rumor… Supposedly, CompUSA has pulled it’s Mac Pros and has put them on the “D Status” – which means discontinued. The poster says that all Mac Pros, even demo units, are to be pulled off […]

Games coming to AppleTV

Since the AppleTV was first announced back in September, we wondered if we were going to be able to play the games we can play on the iPod on AppleTV.  When the system was unveiled at Macworld this year, the company website makes it clear that the current iPod games will not play on the […]

iPhone FCC Letter – FAKE

Well, some of you already pegged this, but Engadget is now reporting that the whole iPhone FCC letter was a fake. Click on the image for a closer look. Basically this was photoshopped version of the letter Apple sent to the FCC about the Airport Extreme. Still..if you guessed it a fake because of the […]

5 Things AppleTV needs to match Amazon Unbox+Tivo

So that whole Amazon Unbox/Tivo deal is something else, huh?  When Unbox first launched the entire web met it with a resounding “eh”, but this new alliance with Tivo has suddenly made Unbox a very serious player in the digital content world, and has provided a much needed solution to downloading digital content and playing […]

FLASHBACK: Original Apple Print Ad

Ah the good old Macmothership…I love looking through that site. Today I stumbled upon the first Apple print ad…my, they have come a long way, haven’t they? Click on the image for a larger image.