RIM co-CEO sees No Threat from iPhone

In a recent interview Research In Motion Ltd.’s (makers of BlackBerry) co-CEO Jim Balsillie stated that he doesn’t see the Apple iPhone as a threat to the BlackBerry Pearl, simply another entry into the smartphone market. “It’s kind of one more entrant into an already very busy space with lots of choice for consumers,” Jim […]

OSX Quick Tip: Hidden “Minimize To Dock” Animation in Mac OS X

Today’s Quick Tip comes from techpwn. The dock animation “Suck” is hidden in OS X and can be activated with the terminal using this line… defaults write com.apple.dock mineffect suck Now just type “killall Dock” in your terminal and you will notice the new effect after your dock restarts. Cool little dock hack. Do you […]

Lionsgate Films now on iTunes

Starting today you will be able to download Lionsgate films from the iTunes Store. Titles such as “Terminator 2,” “LA Story,” “Basic Instinct,” “The Blair Witch Project” and “Dirty Dancing” – with a total of more than 150 titles coming to iTunes this month. “We’re delighted to offer these incredibly popular Lionsgate films on iTunes, […]

Widget Watch: Apple][Go

Put the power of the Apple][ in your Dashboard with this awesome widget. Relive those days of hunting buffalo and dying of dysentery – cashing Carmen all over the world, and staring at the monochromatic screen until your eyes bled. Ah…good times… The Widget doesn’t actually come with any roms or anything (as that would […]

Apple Gazette Weekly – Episode 2 is Live!!

In this edition of AGW I (briefly) cover Steve Jobs’ “Thoughts on Music”, Star Trek going AWOL on iTunes, Flash Memory iPods and lots more!Remember, if you want to be a guest host on Apple Gazette Weekly, all you have to do is send in an audio clip to agpodcast(at)gmail(dot)com! You can subscribe to the […]

Star Trek TV Shows GONE from iTunes

The Star Trek Television Shows (both the original Star Trek and the newly added Star Trek: Enterprise) have apparently been removed from the iTunes store. There is no word, currently, as to why the programs have been removed from the store, or when (or if) they will be back. Update from Star Trek.com: “Due to […]

RUMOR: Leopard and iLife/iWork coming in March?

A report from Think Secret suggests that we’ll be seeing the next generation of Mac OS as early as this March.  The sources in the Think Secret article state simply that things are wrapping up quickly (faster than even Apple anticipated). There have long been rumors that Apple would release Leopard in March, but so […]