Software Spotlight:

I don’t showcase alot of web applications, but this one is different. Web conferencing is necessary for a lot of businesses. From sales, to web design, and more – any job where you work with a team over a long distance needs web conferencing these days. Mac support in this area is a bit limited, […]

FastMac Announces Bluetooth Card for Mac Pros

The guys at FastMac have done it again.  These folks can really churn out great products at great prices.  First it was the Macbook extended life batteries, and now they have something new for Mac Pro owners. They have released a plug-n-play Bluetooth card for the Mac Pro.  The card connects directly onto the logic […]

Briefly: Apple TV Start-up Video Stills

The designers of the Apple TV start-up video have posted some stills of what to expect according to MacRumors. There is still no official word on the exact ship date for the AppleTV, but as I stated in this week’s edition of the Apple Gazette Weekly podcast, my money is on Feb. 28th. You can […]

Software Spotlight: CB Model Pro

Dassault Systemes has released a FREE beta of their new product CB Model Pro. CBMP is an easy to use 3d modeling program that allows you to create professional quality 3d models that can be used in all major 3d animation programs. I’m not a 3d modeler.  In fact, I’ve never even attempted to use […]

OSX Quick Tip: Private Browsing in Safari

Today’s Quick Tip couldn’t be simplier, but it’s a feature that alot of people seem to either forget, or not know about. In Safari, you can browse the web in absolute privacy (i.e. – with no trace of where you have gone on your computer: nothing is added to the history, autofill, downloads window, and […]

75% of Vista reviews mention OSX

Arstechnica did an interesting little survey this weekend. In searching the web for Windows Vista reviews, they found that 6 out of 8 (that’s 75% folks) of the reviews mentioned Mac OS X. Of course, I suppose it is worth noting that only 5 of those 6 reviews actually compared the two operating systems in […]

Joost Beta is now LIVE for Intel Macs!

Joost now has a Beta that is live for Intel-based Macs.  I’m currently on a PowerPC system, so I’m out of luck for the time being (but that shall change next week…ha ha!) so my fellow hold-outs can now officially be sad….but those of you with Intel Inside and a Joost Beta account can click […]