AppleTV Displays going up March 5th

One more bit on the Apple TV for today…according ot TUAW a super secret operative for them at Apple HQ has risked it all to tell them that March 5th is when we’re going to be seeing AppleTV displays officially go up in Apple Stores. March 5th is also the date that our pre-order states […]

AppleTV to ship on Feb. 27th?

I’ve said it on the podcast last week, I said it on my personal blog earlier this week, and I just realized that I haven’t said it here…so let me spout a little bit of my own speculation that I believe is a pretty safe bet. AppleTV will ship next Tuesday. Feb 28th is the […]

IE down, Firefox, Safari UP – The Browser Wars Continue…

Arstechnica has a great article up breaking down the current trends in browser usage. In the US Firefox and Safari are on the rise, while IE has taken a slight dip, but Worldwide, IE is holding it’s own. Even though Opera is not mentioned in these charts, I think they are going to be one […]

Fake Steve now backed by Wired?

Looks like it. Recently Apple sent the lawyers after Fake Steve, a hilarous blog that is obviously a parody of Apple frontman Steve Jobs. In response, Fake Steve called out for a sugar daddy to help him fight off the lawyers and Wired (owned by Conde Nast) swooped in to back the faker. Honestly, this […]

Bandwagon – Online iTunes backup with Unlimited Storage

If you have a huge iTunes Library and are looking for an easy online storage solution Bandwagon may be right up your alley. Bandwagon is an automatic an unobtrusive service that allows you to backup your iTunes library, and it features a variety of additional features including Menubar controls, Quick Search and more. The service […]

OS X Quick Tip: Cycle through Windows in Exposé

Do you want to tab through all of your open windows in Exposé? All you have to do is hit the ‘tab’ key in Exposé to start cycling through the open windows to find the one you want…if you want to back up as your tabbing through, just hit the ~ key and you can […]

RUMOR: Black iMacs coming soon?

As the rumor mill keeps on turning MacScoop is now reporting that there is a strong possibility that most (possibly all) the Macs will receive a refresh by the end of June. The only specific information that MacScoop claims to have is that we’ll be seeing a black version of the iMac with the next […]

Software Spotlight: Home and Away

Thanks to a link from LifeHacker, I checked out Home and Away yesterday evening. This freeware application automatically mounts network volumes, launches applications, and opens files based on what network you’re connected to. That’s a pretty awesome feature for those of you that carry your Macbooks around with you everywhere you go. For example, let’s […]

YouTube Find: Multitouch

Want to see what the future of Multitouch is? You can take a look right here, and see what other developers have already been working on, and where the Multitouch interface can take us…