First Look: ifrogz Bullfrog iPod Case

This is probably my favorite case from ifrogz at the moment. I like the rugged design of this case…it looks like you should be taking it with you as you get into your truck to haul something heavy (hey…I’m from Texas…we do that here) Check back soon for a full review of the Rana Leather […]

OS X Quick Tip: Take Screenshots in OS X

While I’d recommend that you just download and use SnapNDrag, if you want to do it the hard way, here are the Keyboard Commands for taking a screenshot in OS X. command+shift+3 Full screenshot command+shift+4 Crosshair to allow selection of screenshot area command+shift+4, then spacebar Camera to capture specific screen object Do you have a […]

More Crazy Talk from Bill Gates

The CrazyGates 07 tour continues, this time in a Business Week article where, after commenting that he wouldn’t buy an iPhone…Why? Because he likes to dial the numbers with one hand (of course), Bill Gates said the following: So the key trend to look at is the importance of software and then say who really […]

Software Spotlight: ShapeShifter

You’ve heard the rumors about illuminous, right? Sure you have… If you’re like me, though, and you really just can’t wait to see a refreshed look to your OS X UI, then boy have I got an app for you. It’s called ShapeShifter, and it does a fantastic job of reskinning your entire OS with […]

Apple Gazette Weekly – Episode 01

In this first episode of Apple Gazette Weekly I discuss how you can be involved in the podcast…Verizon’s rejection of the iPhone…new Apple products released (and on the way), and a whole lot more… I’m taking baby steps with this…so be gentle (I hear the mic thumping too…it won’t happen again…) You can subscribe to […]

Apple Video History: Superbowl Ads

Apple doesn’t have an extensive history with Superbowl Ads, but when they do one, it’s a real event. I’ve tried to look up every Apple Superbowl Ad in their history…and I’m not sure that I’ve found them all, so if you know of more, please leave comments below, and I’ll edit the post with the […]

The Evolution of the Apple Mouse

Scott over at TUAW posted this link to John Ward’s “The Evolution of the Apple Mouse” yesterday, and it’s a pretty cool article. If you haven’t seen it yet (it’s been online for a while), it’s an interesting read that shows us almost every mouse Apple has ever produced. My personal favorite would have to […]