OSX Quick Tip: Spotlight Keyboard Shortcuts

 Need an even quicker way to open up Spotlight? Just hit the keyboard shortcut: +Space Bar and you can start typing away to find whatever it is you’re looking for. Do you have a Quicktip for OS X that you’d like to share? Click Here to send it in! Be sure and include the URL […]

Widget Watch: Amazon Search Widget

Amazon has released an update to their Search Dashboard Widget. Why is that news? Well, it probably isn’t, but I really like the Amazon Widget for one main reason…search results in Dashboard! All search Widgets should be like this! From the Widget Description: The top ten results are returned in the widget. A subsequent click […]

Bartas Technologies releases Temporis 1.0.1

Bartas Technologies released an update of their Temporis time line creation software on Monday. I haven’t had a chance to look at Temporis yet, but I’m going to very shortly because I find the application intriguing. The app helps you to easily create time lines, which could very useful to people working on research papers, […]

YouTube Find: Steve Jobs and Steve Ballmer

This is an interesting clip. I’ve posted part of it before, but what I find really interesting about this one is Steve Ballmer’s portion, where he tells us that with Windows 95 and Windows 98 we were all going to start seeing “clear leadership” from Microsoft when it comes to OS developement…that…uh…didn’t actually happen, did […]

New Water Resistant iPod Speakers

Hammacher Schlemmer has released some stylish looking, water resistant speakers for the iPod. These wireless speakers receive a signal from an iPod docking station that can be up to 150 feet away…just to make sure you don’t splash anything on the iPod when you’re by the pool. In addition to the iPod connectivity, the speakers […]

New Leopard Screenshots

Think Secret has a new set of screenshots from Apple’s upcoming OS. Among the screenshots are a look at the terminal window with tabs, some of the new screensavers in Leopard, and the new icons for X11 and the Terminal. Think Secret is also still holding tight to the idea that Leopard will be released […]

Software Spotlight: AppDelete

One of the easiest things about the Mac is installing an application. You just drag it to your Applications folder (in most cases) and you’re done. Uninstalling an app, however, can sometimes be more complicated. All you HAVE to do is drag it to the Trash Can, but sometimes there are elements associated with an […]

app4mac released xTime Inventory

xTime Inventory is a new time management tool from app4mac. The software looks very slick and well designed. At first glance, the software looks like it will have a bit of a learning curve, but I’ll be giving it a shot to see how it works. You can try it for free by clicking the […]

RUMOR: Cover Flow coming to iPod?

So, this video is making its way around the web. To me, it looks completely fake, although I think Cover Flow would be a cool addition to the iPod interface. Judge for yourself, but I’m not buying it just yet (the fact that Gizmodo is the source doesn’t help convince me much)…