No User Installed Apps on iPhone?

Dan Lurie is reporting over at TUAW that a booth attendant told him that users will not be able to install any applications on the iPhone. WHAT?!? I find this EXTREMELY hard to believe, and I will wait for confirmation from Apple about this before getting too bent out of shape about it, but if […]

Upclose and Personal with iPhone

TUAW has a great gallery on their site that lets us get a much better look at the iPhone than the highly rendered looking images on the official site. The iPhone looks sleek, but I’m concerned about fingerprint smudges. I don’t know that I want to be constantly wiping my finger prints off the surface […]

Software Spotlight: Apple Gazette RSS Widget

Apple Gazette fan Paul Malenke has taken the time to put together an Apple Gazette RSS Widget after reading the Download Squad’s Dashboard Widget tutorial. I cannot tell you how awesome that is to me. He says that it’s a work in progress, and he’s hoping to work on the graphics and text areas soon, […]

Apple launches official iPhone site

As most of you are probably already aware, Apple has launched an official site for the iPhone.  You can visit it here.  The site has some great detail on the new device, and if you’re anything like me…probably has you frothing at the mouth…

Where to find Live Macworld Coverage Today

Of course we’ll have coverage for you today at this link when the Keynote starts, but here is a list of some of the other places you’ll find Live Macworld updates today throughout the Keynote. AppleMatters ArsTechnica Daily Tech Talk Engadget LoopRumors MacBlog (Italian) MacUser MacRumors MacScoop MacTeens POMCast (In four languages) Share MacWorld Stuff […]

Make your own Dashboard Widgets with Dashcode

This is a handy tutorial from the guys at Download Squad on how to make an RSS Feed Widget using Dashcode. The tutorial has some great tips and it only takes about 30 minutes to do…I think I’m going to make an Apple Gazette Widget with this shortly…ya know, unless one of you beats me […]

FLASHBACK: Macworld 1997 (full video)

As we sit on the eve of Macworld 2007 all eyes are on Steve Jobs…maybe more so than ever…well, except for 10 years ago at Macworld 1997. This Keynote (which you can watch in its entirety) was Steve Jobs return to the forefront of Apple for the first time since 1985…at this time Apple was […]

Live Macworld Coverage

We will be updating constantly with every bit of information we can…so stay tuned. Constantly keep up to date on all things Apple by subscribing to our RSS feed Expect an indepth look at everything that happened at the Keynote this evening from Apple Gazette. That’s it. Special treat today – John Mayer comes out […]

Slingmedia’s Slingcatcher sounds alot like iTV

Engadget has posted some interesting info about Slingmedia’s latest product, which is being unveiled at CES. The device is called a SlingCatcher, and it is about half the size of a Slingbox Tuner and includes S-Video, Component, HDMI, a couple USB ports and integrated WiFi. The device also has an optional hard drive that will […]