Daylite Developer Speaks Out About iPhone

On the last day of Macworld 2007, I got a chance to speak with Alykhan Jetha, CEO of MarketCircle Inc, developers of Daylite and Billings, two very robust business management tools for the Mac. MarketCircle Inc, was at CES this year launching their new invoicing app, Billings 2, which is to custom invoices as Apple’s […]

Dvorak not impressed with iPhone

My favorite Cranky Geek John C. Dvorak doesn’t seem to impressed with the iPhone in this video from CNBC. BTW – I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting a little tired of writing about the iPhone. Expect some non-iPhone related stuff soon…and some more iPhone related stuff after that. 😉

Cisco is going to have a hard time claiming ‘iPhone’ name

At first it would seem simple…Cisco had the name iPhone trademarked…for a LONG time…so it’s there trademark, right? Wait…that’s just too simple. No, trademark law doesn’t work that way…and according to some experts, Cisco lost the rights to the iPhone trademark last year. From the article: The Cisco iPhone trademark was registered 11/16/1999 (Reg. No. […]

CBS w/ the best look at the iPhone Yet (video)

This is the best upclose look I’ve seen yet at the iPhone in action. People may be a little bummed about Cingular, or about the lack of developemental openness, but just looking at this thing in action makes all that seem really unimportant…I am so sold it’s not even funny… video via Techcrunch

Help Me I’m having a problem with my Mac…

I have been looking online, and I haven’t been able to find an answer for this, so I’m hoping some of you loyal readers can help me out here. I have a 1G Mac Mini (PPC) with 512 Mbs or Ram that I’m having a problem with…for some reason, several applications are automatically shutting down […]

Widget Watch: iPhone Release Date Widget

Michael Markowski has made this cool looking iPhone Release Date Widget (one of many, but the only one that worked when I tried to download it). This widget connects to a server containing the most accurate release date of the iPhone. Right now, the number is just an educated guess, but when the official release […]

No 3rd Party Apps for iPhone? **FALSE**

In an article published in the New York Times yesterday, Steve Jobs makes Apple’s intentions about 3rd Party Applications on the iPhone clear. In the article he states: “These are devices that need to work, and you can’t do that if you load any software on them,” he said. “That doesn’t mean there’s not going […]

This Apple Fan has too much free time…

This fella here had some free time. So he made a fake iPhone box, printed out a fake manual, put it in plastic, printed out a fake iPhone mock-up, then pretended to recieve it in the mail from Amazon, and took photos of the entire unboxing process. Click Here to enjoy his hard work. via […]

Keynote coming to iTunes

If you’ve watched the Keynote on you know it’s streaming, and it’s small. It short, it sucks watching it in streaming Quicktime. Well, fret no more folks, because the Keynote is coming to iTunes. I say coming because it hasn’t been made available for download yet…although you can subscribe to the podcast by clicking […]