5 MUST HAVE iPhone Accessories

When the iPhone launches in June of this year, there will be dozens of accessories available from a variety of companies. I’ve been thinking about the different type of accessories you could create for the iPhone, and have composed this list (complete with mock-ups) of 5 that I think are must-haves. Mobile Charger (Battery Back-up)With […]

FLASHBACK: 1997 Steve Jobs Time Magazine cover

My what a difference a decade makes. 1997 was a really BIG year for Apple. Things were really, REALLY bad on the Apple homefront, and everyone knew it was time for a change. In this time magazine article Steve Jobs was quoted as saying,”Apple has some tremendous assets, but I believe without some attention, the […]

Apple to open up Fairplay

Tech.co.uk is reporting that they have learned that Apple will be opening up the Fairplay DRM through two announcements this week – 1) That they will allow AAC streaming content via USB 2)  That they will be licensing their Fairplay DRM to their Made For iPod licensees How will this affect you? Well, with these […]

DISCUSSION: Is Cingular really THAT bad?

I was watching Geekbrief today, as I often do, and I heard something surprising…self confessed Mac Addict, and Geekbrief host, Cali Lewis said that she probably wasn’t going to get an iPhone because of Cingular. That wasn’t the first time I’ve heard it…and I KNOW it won’t be the last…but I have to say that […]

SPECULATION: Netflix and HD coming to iTunes 7.1?

There were rumors abound before Macworld that Apple was going to partner with Netflix to deliver downloadable movie rentals from iTunes.  We heard no such announcement at Macworld. Today, however, Netlflix did launch a new “instant watch” service that allows members of Netflix to watch select titles instantly.  It’s Windows only, and will be slowly […]

Software Spotlight: Tubesock

I’ve been posting a lot of video over the past week, so it seemed like a good time to spotlight Tubesock, one of my favorite flash video grabbers for OS X. Tubesock grabs videos off the web and converts them to play on your iPod, Mac, or PSP. TubeSock knows how to convert the video […]

Office 2008 screenshots

TUAW has another great gallery up.  This time it’s a closer look at Microsoft’s Office 2008.  Office 08 is set to be released in the second half of 2007, and will run natively on both Power PC and Intel based Macs. The Mac version of Office 08 will feature seemless compatibility with it’s Windows counterpart, […]

tv: 5 Reasons to Dump your Cable and DVDs

I wrote very briefly about my plans to do this last week…to interesting responses. So I decided to go into why I think this is a good idea in a little more detail. Before I start…I want to say a little something about tv. This device is not for hackers, techies, and super-geeks…it’s for iPod […]