VIDEO: Diggnation Fight – LG vs. iPhone

On this week’s Diggnation, Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht got into an arguement over if the new LG KE850 and the iPhone were seperated at birth. You can see the video below… Ok…now, let’s talk about this. I agree that the phones are similar in size, and concept, but they’re not exactly the same…and really, […]

Boot Camp upgrade for Tiger users $29?

According to a MacScoop report, Tiger users who do not wish to upgrade to Leopard will be offered the final version of Boot Camp for $29. Apple has never remained clear on if Bootcamp would remain free after the Beta ended, and has done something similar to this by offering Jaguar users iChat for $29.99 […]

Recycled Vinyl Records are now iPod Cases

Some industrious folks have recycled some old 45s (that’s the small vinyl records that people people used to listen to back before the cassette tape) and turned them into iPod Cases. You can see a pick of the John Lennon “Mind Games” case above (which has already sold). There are a total of 45 of […]

Leopard 10.5 9A343 Seeded to Developers This Week

According to Mac Rumors, the latest version of Leopard, 9A343 was seeded to developers on Thursday night. The last version seeded was on Dec. 13, 2006. Apple actually has itemized a few of changes to Leopard from the last seed, including: – HIToolbox provides new HIRect/Point/Shape-based Window Manager API for resolution independence compatibility – Tab […]

Vista Converts Reviewer to Mac!

Erika Jonietz from MiT’s Technology Review has posted a review of Windows Vista that is well worth a read to any Mac fan. From the Article: Ironically, playing around with Vista for more than a month has done what years of experience and exhortations from Mac-loving friends could not: it has converted me into a […]

Cingular launches iPhone sign-up page!

Cingular has launched a page on their site for users curious about the iPhone to sign up for announcements about the upcoming product. There is no new info on the page, or any indication on Cingular’s monthly fees for the iPhone…just the same picture we’ve seen since launch and a place to input your email […]

802.11n Upgrade for Intel Macs to cost $1.99

Earlier reports that shot around the web this week suggested that Apple was going to charge customers with new Intel based Macs $4.99 to enable the 802.11n capability in the Wi-Fi chips found in systems…but now Apple has officially confirmed the charge, and the price for it is $1.99. “The nominal distribution fee for the […]

Software Spotlight: Lineform

It’s not often that you find a product you literally have to gush over…but Lineform, for me at least, is that product.  I’m a graphic designer, t-shirt designs mostly, and I use Adobe Illustrator daily.  I’ve never loved Illustrator, and I’ve REALLY never loved the $499 price tag for it…but it has been necessary to […]

Microsoft CEO Ballmer laughs at Apple iPhone

So is it just me or does Ballmer come off as smug in this? I don’t know…maybe it’s the fanboy in me lashing out, but there is something about this guy that I really don’t like. Also, I think it’s important to mention when talking about the iPhone price…which seems to be his biggest hang […]