Software Spotlight: Twitterrific

Have you heard of I hadn’t until I was listening to MacBreak Weekly today…after checking out the service for a few minutes, I have to say, I think it’s pretty cool…and I’m planning on using it in conjunction with the site. If you’re new to Twitter, you can sign up here, and you’ll automatically […]

ifrogz launches new product lines

ifrogz is starting 2007 off right…at CES and Macworld this year they announced 5 new products that will all be available very soon. From their Tadpole (which is GREAT if you have small kids who want to play with your iPod) to the luxurious Rana cases, ifrogz’s colorful assortment of cases are really unique, and […]

Widget Watch: Christmas Eve Countdown 2007

Are you one of those people who just can’t friggin’ wait for Christmas? Are you already counting the days? Well you…poor soul…will now have one less thing to keep track of. Ahan Malhotra has created the first Christmas Eve Countdown widget of 2007, and you can download it here.

5 $$$ saving Apps for Graphic Artists on OS X

Getting started as a Freelance Graphic Artist can be expensive. If you’re doing everything the nice and legal way (as you should) then you have a lot of money to spend up front on software…or do you? You don’t HAVE to drop $499 on Illustrator, $649 for Photoshop, $350 for Dreamweaver, and $250 on Quickbooks […]

Microsoft’s Allchin proposed support for iPod

“I think I should talk with Jobs. Right now, I think I should open up a dialogue for support of the iPod. Unless something changes, the iPod will drive people away from WMP [Windows Media Player],” he said in a Nov. 13, 2003 internal e-mail that was marked ‘highly confidential’ and carried the subject line […]

iCube releases iRec for iPod

iCube has released iRec (not to be confused with iRecord) for those of you looking for a one button solution for recording video directly on to your iPod. iRec will record at 640×480 with a 2.5 Mbs bit rate from any composite, or S-Video source – no computer required. It charges your iPod as well, […]

Chicago Reviewer says: “You could call iPhone perfect”

Chicago Sun-Times reviewer ANDY IHNATKO had a chance to actually hold and test the iPhone at Macworld this year. His experience with the device seems to have been almost entirely positive. After spending 45 minutes testing the iPhone, Ihnatko said “This is the simplest phone ever.” Andy is extremely excited about the iPhone…here’s an example […]

Cisco Admits to violating iPhone License

Last week, Armijn Hemel, an open source enthusiast and consultant with Loohuis Consulting, reported that he had reverse engineered Cisco’s iPhone WIP300. From doing so, he discovered that Cisco had violated the GNU by not properly sharing some code from the Linux based device. From the article: Hemel spoke with Cisco in October, alerting the […]

Software Spotlight: WriteRoom

Writing is hard. Anyone who’s ever tried to do it knows that. In today’s digital age it’s harder than it’s ever been. Distraction is just a mouse click away, but the guys at Hog Bay Software have a handy solution. It’s called Write Room. WriteRoom is a “full-screen, distraction-free writing environment” for OS X Tiger. […]