UK Get A Mac Ads Online

Apple has posted the UK versions of the “Get a Mac” ads online.  These may have been there for a while…so no “that is so old” comments please.  I first saw them tonight, and I find most of them funnier than their US counterparts. Click Here to check them out.

Lego Star Wars II coming to Mac

UK developer Feral Interactive has made the announcement that they are porting Lego Star Wars II to the Mac.  The announcement was made at Macworld this year…but I missed it in all the hype about the iPhone. I’m a big fan of the Lego Star Wars series, and I’m pleased to see this version coming […]

Quicklinks for Sun. Jan 28th 2007

Here are some interesting stories from around the web… The Apple Blog shows us that Sony has caught up with 2004 and has released Spider-Man 3 scrubbers for your iPod on the official Spider-man 3 website. MacNN reports that you can find refurbished Mac Pros at Apple’s online store for as little as $2,199 with […]

More Apple envy from Allchin

PC Pro yesterday covered the third instance where Jim Allchin, co-president of the company’s Platform Products and Services Group, has shown his love for all things OS X. Like the previous instances, these come from emails that have been part of an Iowa antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft. In this round of emails, Allchin expresses how […]

The First Apple Phone

Todd Ogasawara over at O’Reilly Net found this awesome patent for an Apple Phone dated December 10th, 1985. What’s really cool about it? It’s a flip phone. Click here to take a look at the patent.

Will Ferrell “Switch” Commercial

Will Ferrell in a humorous “switch” ad. I don’t remember seeing this one on television, but it doesn’t look like an SNL skit, so I assume it’s legit…although the ending is questionable…I’m sure that someone will correct me in the comments below and point out how stupid I am for not knowing this bit of […]

Apple Releases 802.11n Update for FREE- OR NOT!

Notebook Review is reporting that Apple has released firmware update 2007-001 that enables 802.11n for free. Originally it was rumored that this was going to cost $4.99…then $1.99…and now it looks like we’re getting it for the price we should have gotten it for in the first place…FREE. The direct link to the update is […]

Rogers Wireless CONFIRMED as Canadian iPhone Carrier

According to Gizmodo Rogers Wireless has confirmed through a customer service email that they will be the exclusive provider of the iPhone, and that they are actively working to get the iPhone released in Canada as soon as possible. No word yet on exactly what the pricing or availability for the iPhone will be, but […]

Build your own Paper Macs

I love Stumble Upon…you can always find something interesting on the web…tonight I came across this post from CreativeTechs from late last year. They have gone through great pains to gather all of the paper Macs that you can cut out and fold together from all over the web. The list of Legacy Macs available […]