Skype 2.5 Released and Last Day for Discounted Skype Out!

Today Mac users can download the official release of Skype 2.5. A beta of this has been out since late last year, but now Skype is happy to release a full stable version out into the wild. It’s also important to note that if you were considering buying Skype Out to make calls anywhere in […]

Apple to launch Video Sales in Europe

Apple is taking it’s first steps into online video sales in Europe. Hopefully things will extend quickly, and all of Europe can enjoy the ease of video downloads from iTunes (and then maybe…MAYBE…one day I can download BBC programming from MY iTunes over here in the States…I want my Doctor Who dammit!!!!) From the Article: […]

Apple Releases 802.11n Update

Apple released the much discussed 802.11n software update today in the Apple store for the price of $1.99 with no fanfare.  You may recall that the price was original rumored to be $4.99, but when Apple made the official announcement it was at the reduced cost of $1.99 after lots of grumbling within the Apple […]

iPod Shuffle – Now in Color!

Well, today’s product update has hit…and it’s nothing predicted by Think Secret or Apple Insider. Instead, we have the iPod shuffle now available in five different colors! From the press release: Apple(R) today announced that the world’s most wearable digital music player is now available in five brilliant colors: blue, pink, green, orange and the […]

Chinese iPhone Knock-Off on the Way

Loop Rumors caught wind of this Chinese Knock-Off iPhone.  The device is made by Chinese electronics maker Meizu, and is called the M8.  The device looks shockingly like the iPhone, but the specs are actually quite different. The M8 phone is smaller than the iPhone, with a 3.3″ touch screen that sports a 720×480 resolution, […]

New Apple Products coming TOMORROW?

Reports are coming in from all over the Apple Rumor sites that we may see a product line update from Apple tomorrow. 8-core Mac Pros and updated Apple Cinema displays are on the top of the lists of new things that we can expect according to Think Secret… …while Apple Insider is convinced that we’ll […]

Adult Swim Fix now works with Macs!!

If you’re a fan of Adult Swim on Cartoon Network then you’ll be glad to know that the Adult Swim Fix broadband service that features clips and full episodes of AS shows finally works with Macs. TUAW reports that they’ve tested it, and everything runs smoothly.  Adult Swim Fix often premieres new episodes of various […]

Verizon REJECTED iPhone Deal

Let the speculation about why Apple chose Cingular cease and desist…we have the answer.  USA Today reports that Verizon rejected an iPhone deal from Apple because of Apple’s financial terms and other demands.  For Verizon to sell the iPhone Apple wanted (among other things) a percentage of the monthly cellphone fees, say over how and […]