MacAppaDay offers up Xslimmer

UPDATE: Apparently Xslimmer DOES work with PPC Macs. Everyone can calm down now, Jeez – a guy goes out on a Friday night and wakes up the next morning to half a dozen freak outs about this app. My sincerest apologies go out to anyone that was hurt in any way from my misunderstanding of […]

Software Spotlight: Seashore

Earlier this week we look at Pixen, an image editor for the Mac that is basically MS Paint on steroids…but I know some of you need a little more power than that, but maybe not as much as GIMP has to offer. For you, I present Seashore. From Seashore’s website: Seashore is an open source […]

Should Apple enter the Video Game Market?

MacRumors has a follow-up post to their previous post about Apple entering the video game market.  This time they are claiming that it’s going to happen in late 2007. I can’t imagine this actually happening, and I have to call BS on these rumors.  Beyond the fact that the sources aren’t very credible (which is […]

Mac Developers team up to help kids

The fine folks at The Apple Blog are reporting that several Mac software developers are teaming up to help kids in hospitals all around the world receive games and toys. Sounds like a pretty cool deal: Looking for a delicious reason to buy some Mac applications? Look no farther, since fifteen third party Mac developers […]

Software Spotlight: MenuCalendarClock

Software Spotlight is a new ongoing feature of Apple to feature Mac software, both old and new, from around the web. You’ve got to love it when an app tells you what it does in its name…and MenuCalendarClock is just what it says it is…an iCal compatible menu calendar and a configurable menu clock. […]

James Kim found

I’m sure most of you are already aware, but CNET Editor James Kim was found today after being missing for 11 days.  His wife and two children were also missing for most of that time, but were rescued earlier this week, when a helicopter spotted their car. James had already left the vehicle to seek […]

WILD RUMOR ALERT – Apple & Tivo to partner for iTV?

I hesitated before posting this (and I’m probably going to regret it) but PVRblog has posted a rumor they just received (thanks to Tom for sending it to us)…and are claiming the validity of is, at best, 25%…that Apple will be licensing Tivo for iTV. I could believe that.  It might explain why we haven’t […]

Software Spotlight: Aurora

Software Spotlight is a new ongoing feature of Apple to feature Mac software, both old and new, from around the web. Aurora is a free iTunes and EyeTV compatible alarm clock for your Mac.  Aurora works with any iTunes playlist, or TV or radio channel from EyeTV. The software also has some pretty advanced […]

Prudential Vs. Kevin Rose – who is right about the iPhone?

Ya know, sometimes I think the guys at Prudential are worse than us bloggers about speculating on Apple products. Apple Insider has a report from Prudential analyst JesseTortora: From the article: “Apple has mentioned several times that music experience is its top priority and that it would not do anything to comprise that,” the analyst […]