The MacBook Pro is Not a Laptop

I had been familiar with the running joke that Apple notebooks are no longer marketed as “laptops” these days because they give off just too much heat for the average person’s lap to handle. I only realized it was also Apple’s position–somewhat–when I chanced upon a post on citing Apple’s own MacBook Pro Care […]

WiiSaber – Turn your Wiimote into a Lightsaber

One of our sister blogs, Wii Living has posted another Mac tip for us. From Wii Living: Earlier this year, someone wrote a fun little application called MacSaber that allowed Macbook users to swing their notebook computers around like they were lightsabers from Star Wars. Well, now that program has been taken a step further […]

Rare Apple Lisa Demonstration from 1984 (video)

This is why I love YouTube. This video is a from a 1984 local cable station where the Apple Lisa was demonstrated for the first time (to that viewing audience, anyway). The intro is a little long – but this is a great video to watch. In this video Alfred introduces the audience to the […]

Software Spotlight: Snö

Looking to add some holiday cheer to your desktop? May we present Snö. Snö makes it…well…snow on your desktop. That’s it. From the website: Snö is a useless application that makes snow fall over your desktop. Snö is the Swedish name for Snow. Snö is freeware, OpenSource, non-copyrighted and totally unsupported. I make no claims […]

RUMOR: Aqua to be replaced with Illuminous

Apple Gazette has received a tip from an apple insider that the Mac OS Aqua User Interface will be replaced with a new UI named Illuminous. The source goes on to say that we will see a demonstration of Illuminous at Macworld 2007. The gensis for this rumor started earlier this year when Apple posted […]

VLC 0.8.6 Released!

The best media player for the Mac, in my opinion anyway, has just released version 0.8.6.  Of course, I’m talking about the VideoLan Client, or VLC. New update include support for Windows Media Video 9, Flash Video, improved H.264 decoding, better Windows Unicode support, a Fullscreen controller, and support for the Apple Remote. There are […]

Look Ma! No On/Off Switch!

Following a post I made a while back on ForeverGeek citing comments that Windows Vista has too many options for shutting down, I’ve been thinking about how Apple designed the iPod to have no power button. True enough, as of recent public betas, Vista users have at least nine ways to turn off their computers. […]

Attention Mac Software Developers – Show us your Apps!!

I’m sure you’ve noticed this past week that everyday we’ve had a “Software Spotlight” featuring some of our favorite Mac Apps. I’d like to keep doing the Software Spotlight daily for as long as humanly possible…but to do that, I need to see just about every Mac application out there…and I’m sure there are some […]

Software Spotlight: Yep

Yep from, coincidentally enough – Yep Software, is basically iPhoto for your documents.  That’s a really great concept that is executed well in this (currently) free application. Yep can help you organize all your current PDFs, and if you have a scanner, it can even help you organize your entire home office, or random pile […]

Taligent – the Mac OS that never was

Robin Silberling has posted some images of the Taligent OS in his portfolio that give us a better look at the Taligent OS that Apple was developing in the late 80s to be the next-gan Mac OS…but wasn’t. There is extensive coverage of the development of the OS at Wikipedia if you’re interested in reading […]