New iPod Shuffle a HUGE Success

Apple Insider is reporting that the new iPod Shuffle is outselling it’s predecessor…in fact, it’s selling TWICE what the previous iPod Shuffle did at this time last year. Sales for the small flash audio player have been so good that it is the #1 flash player on the market. The $79 price point has seemed […]

Software Spotlight: Screen Mimic

If you’re looking to make video tutorials on using OS X, or any Mac program, Screen Mimic is an app that can save you time, and lots of headaches. With Screen Mimic you can record your desktop and then encode the recording in Flash or Quicktime.  From software demos, to flash demonstations and tutorials, Screen […]

Apple: Doing the right thing for South Park Subscribers

Customers who subscribed to the 10th season of South Park in iTunes were extremely upset to discover that the season had been quietly divided into a part 10a and part 10b.  Users who had previously subscribed to what they believed was the full 10th season of South Park, were suddenly only getting half the episodes […]

John Hodgman’s “Area of My Experitise” FREE on iTunes RIGHT NOW!

UPDATE: This is US only.  Apologies to our international visitors for getting you excited.  John Hodgman’s hilarious book “The Areas of My Expertise” is currently available on iTunes as a FREE DOWNLOAD. Run…don’t walk…to your local iTunes Music Store, and download this audio book. It’s over 6 hours of geniune hilarity, and well worth the […]

Software Spotlight: ShadowClipboard

ShadowClipboard has been called “The Clipboard that Apple Forgot”, and it does more than I ever though a Clipboard program could or would. The program hangs out in the status menu area of OS X, or you can call it up via hotkeys. You can choose to run it as is, or customize it to […]

Two New iPod Games: Sudoku & Royal Flush Solitaire

Well, my list of 10 Games that SHOULD be on the iPod is down to 9 – because EA released two new games for iPod yesterday: Sudoku and Royal Flush Solitaire. Both games are graphically impressive, and I should have a review of Sudoku up soon. You can access previews of the games in iTunes, […]

Software Spotlight: Think Free Online Office

Today’s software spotlight is slightly different, because it’s not a Mac app you download and install…it’s Think Free’s Online Office. I’ve been looking for an Office Suite that didn’t have “Microsoft” on it anywhere since I switched to Macs a few years ago.  I’ve tried Open Office, but I don’t like having to run x11 […]