World of Apple to broadcast Keynote LIVE

In recent years, Apple has broadcast the Steve Jobs Keynote at Macworld Live on their site. This year, however, that won’t be the case. So how can you possibly keep up with goings on of the Keynote? Well, we’ll – of course – have Live coverage of the event via text updates, but World of […]

Free audiobook podcasts

As I look around the web, it appears that most of us are still recovering from Christmas (heck, I’m still HAVING Christmas), so, as you can imagine…the news is kinda slow today. Still, there is cool stuff to be found on the web, and today I stumbled upon Open Culture’s collection of audiobook podcasts. These […]

Merry Christmas from Apple Gazette!

To all of you celebrating Christmas today, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. To those of you celebrating Kwanzaa, Chanukah, or just Monday, we wish you Happy Holidays as well. Thanks to all of you for reading Apple Gazette, and making our first few months online such a success. We really appreciate […]

Apple’s Phone WILL NOT be called “iMobile”

iPhone Insider posted a report claiming that Apple’s upcoming phone product would be called “iMobile” yesterday. This, like most Apple Phone rumors, made to the front page of digg, and is now creeping it’s way through the blogosphere…there’s only one problem with it…it’s not true. Here’s why… Currently, according to the US Trademark Office, there […]

Software Spotlight: OpenMenu X

OpenMenu X allows you to take control of your right-click menu, and fully customize it to your heart’s content. You can open documents, applications, AppleScripts, Services Menu Items, and URLs any time you want. OpenMenu also supports the file system browsing. It is fully localized in Japanese, English, French, German, and Traditional Chinese. Here is […]

Turn yourself into Santa Claus with SantaSnaps!

SantaSnaps is pretty much like Photobooth, except it doesn’t have near as many features as Photobooth, and it has a holiday twist. You can take a photo of yourself, someone you love, or someone you hate for that matter, and deck their halls with enough Christmas cheer to make you puke. SantaSnaps is a Cocoa […]

Last Day to Nominate your “Spotlight of the Year” App!

REMINDER – Today is your LAST day to nominate your choice for the “Spotlight of the Year Award”. The qualifications are simple…it has to be an OSX app, and it has to have been developed and released in 2006…it also has to be available for Apple Gazette readers to try…either as a demo, free trial, […]

RUMOR/SPECULATION: Another “leaked” Apple Phone Image

This “leaked” image (which I am still not convinced is the actual Apple Phone) illustrates how the touchpad would work. It would, apparently be back-lit where the numbers would appear when needed, and other interfaces could load as well. The Article reporting this goes on to further validate it, by showing that the technology for […]

Goldtouch Fully Adjustable Mac Keyboard

If you spend hours in front of your computer like me, chances are you’re already feeling the stress on your wrists, arms and back because of prolonged keyboard use. It’s even worse when you’re using a laptop and you sit with a wrong posture when typing. If you think your joints deserve better, you should […]