5 Things Apple Fans can be Thankful for This Year…

In the US at least it’s our annual time of Thanksgiving….so that got me thinking…what do we Mac Users have to be thankful for this year? After giving it some serious thought (at least 4 or 5 minutes worth) it occurred to me that it’s been a very good year to be a Mac fan, […]

OS X Vulnerability: Disk Images

MacSlash reports that corrupted .DMG files can be used to run arbitrary code on OS X. The Month of Kernel Bugs project has just proof of concept, where they tested this on an up-to-date installation of OS X on an Intel-powered production Mac. Corrupt .dmg files are not properly processed by the kernel driver responsible […]

Turn your Mac into a virtual call center with PhoneValet 5.0

Parliant Corp. is now shipping PhoneValet Message Center 5.0 for the small office, home, and home office. PhoneValet’s software and hardware platform turns a Mac into a virtual call center with unlimited voice mail boxes, call blocking, recording, logging and screening, automated dialing and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities – on single or multiple lines. […]

REVIEW: Centerstage Flip-Stand Case for iPod

Finding the right iPod case for you is hard. I’ve been looking at quite a few recently (and you’ll be seeing more iPod case reviews this week and next), and it’s really, really difficult to find “the perfect case”… Well…usually anyway. The Centerstage Flip-Stand Case from Griffin Technology is a case specifically designed for those […]

MacHeist Mission Two has begun!

If you’re playing MacHeist – and you should be…it’s fun, free, and you get cool Mac software for playing – the second mission has begun. The mission was originally delayed due to an illness of one of the team members behind MacHeist, but now everything seems to be up and running. We’re all out of […]

Palm CEO laughs off iPhone

According to the Mercury News Palm CEO Ed Colligan laughed off the idea that any company – including Apple – could easily win customers in the finicky smart-phone sector. Colligan was quoted as saying: “We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone…PC guys are not going […]

Migila offers up Mac DVR with Tivo-like TV Max

Want a Tivo for your Mac?  Miglia has got you covered. They have released TV Max, a perfect looking add-on for you Mac Mini (or any Mac for that matter) that is a full functioning DVR with time shift recording, and a slew of other features. The device features a full program guide, the ability […]

Rare Find: Apple ][ Jigsaw Puzzle from 1983

Joshua Coventry chanced upon a rare find on eBay: an Apple ][ Jigsaw puzzle from Apple’s 1983 Gift Catalog. Back in 1983, Apple released a gift catalog featuring Apple-branded merchandize such as mugs, T-shirts, and, amongst many other items, an Apple II jigsaw puzzle. I bought it for 99 pence. Shortly after, it arrived – […]