FLASHBACK: Newton Poster from 1993

Well, everyone seemed to like taking a look at the 1983 Apple Gift Catalog, and when I was searching for some of the products from the catalog on eBay, I stubmled across this ebay auction for this Newton Poster from 1993. You can click on the thumbnail to see a super-sized version of the poster […]

Apple faces suit over “illegal” iTunes Monopoly

Things just keep getting better for Apple on the legal front… According to the Associated Press Apple is facing a lawsuit that claims they have built an illegal monopoly due to the copy-protection system that generally prevents iTunes music and video from playing on rival players…Likewise, songs purchased elsewhere aren’t easily playable on iPods. The […]

REMINDER: Last Day to Vote for Software Spotlight of the Year!

Just a quick reminder, today is your last day to vote for Software Spotlight of the Year: The Nominations for the Software Spotlight of the Year for 2006 Are: Typinator Onyx Disco Art Rage 2 So far, Typinator has a commanding lead from both online comments, can submitted votes.  You have until Midnight tonight EST […]

Software Spotlight: SnapNDrag

One thing that I’ve always disliked about OSX is the way you take screenshots. If you’re looking for a simple screenshot solution, SnapNDrag is for you. SnapNDrag is simple to use.  It lets you take a screenshot by just clicking a button and dragging the resulting screenshot off.  No complicated button combinations, no file format […]

FLASHBACK: 1983 Apple Gift Catalog

Hop in the Way Back Machine and take a look at this Apple Gift Catalog from 1983. From Apple branded Kites and T-Shirts, to belt buckles and wall hangings, you could get the Apple logo on pretty much everything…   cover page one page two page three page four page five page six page seven […]

Software Spotlight: Journler

Journler is an extremely useful freeware journal keeping app. It allows you to log your thoughts, ideas, videos, pictures and more in one app, and it is fully integrated with iLife. From the site: Featuring iLife integration, audio and video entries, extensive document importing and instantaneous searching and filtering, not to mention Mail, iWeb and […]

Apple to Record Non-Cash Charge of $84 Million

Apple issued the following press release this morning: CUPERTINO, Calif., Dec. 29 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Apple(R) today filed its Form 10-Q for the quarter ended July 1, 2006 and its Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended September 30, 2006 with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). Both filings had been delayed pending the conclusion of […]

iPod Holiday Sales are through the ROOF!

According to Mac Rumors, Steve Jobs and Co have a lot to be happy about this holiday season (ya know, except for that whole stock thing). Traffic to the iTunes music store was up 413% compared to last Christmas…the spike in traffic is credited to new iPod owners flocking to the iTunes music store to […]

Software Spotlight: CleanApp

CleanApp is another uninstaller for OS X, and it also includes the ability to remove unused universal binary parts to help save space on your system. CleanApp has a simple interface and is easy to use. Some of the features include: * List with all applications on your hard drive o Spotlight-search for programs only […]

SPECULATION: 5 Predictions for Apple in 2007

2006 is coming to a close, and all anyone can think about (in regards to Apple, at least) is the upcoming Apple Phone…but what happens next? What are we going to be salivating over and speculating about after Macworld? What changes are in store for Apple in 2007? No one knows for sure…but it sure […]