Zune launches – outlook not so good

Back in September I took a look at the Zune Vs. iPod issue with what we knew at that time on another blog. At the time, based on that (admittedly limited) information, it looked like the Zune had a shot at being a contender this holiday season… How does it look now that the Zune […]

Apple Teams Up With Air France, Continental, Delta, Emirates, KLM & United to Deliver iPod Integration

CUPERTINO, Calif., Nov. 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Apple(R) today announced it is teaming up with Air France, Continental, Delta, Emirates, KLM and United to deliver the first seamless integration between iPod(R) and in-flight entertainment systems. These six airlines will begin offering their passengers iPod seat connections which power and charge their iPods during flight and allow […]

Justin Long – Still “a Mac”

Justin Long reports on his website that he is, in fact, still the “Get a Mac” guy…and is even shooting some holiday themed commercials tomorrow (or maybe today, the post was from 6:40 am this morning)…perhaps the report was a hoax trying to make him seem like even more of a “jerk” than some people […]

Go Postal with the Postal Fudge Pack

The classy folks over at Running with Scissors have released an ultimate Postal Compilation called the Postal Fudge Pack.  The pack includes the original Postal game from 1997, along with the “Special Delivery” add-on levels.  It also includes Postal 2, including the multi player “Share the Pain” component, the expansion pack “Apocalypse Weekend”, and a […]

Japanese “Get a Mac” Ads

No John Hodgman, no Justin Long, these “Get a Mac” ads from the land of the rising sun seem to be the same commercials with Japanese actors…but I don’t speak Japanese so I don’t know for sure. Click Here to view three of Apple Japan’s versions of the ads and just in case you’ve forgotten, […]

25 Mac Heist invites to give away — anyone interested?

MacHeist is the new online project from the creators of My Dream App.  It’s hard to describe what it is exactly, but it will require your sleuthing skills and creative thinking – with the reward being cool Mac software (and possibly more). After making several contacts with the folks behind MacHeist I have been able […]

Macworld Blooper Compilation

I know this isn’t really new, but it’s a Friday and I think we all deserve some pretty light stuff to get us into that weekend mindset. This is a compilation of slip-ups during Steve Jobs’ keynotes at Macworld. Well, what can I say? Probably only Steve can handle situations like these with grace. ‘Gotta […]

Apple goes after adult iPod Accessory

Jason D. O’Grady from ZDNet’s Apple Core Blog posted a bit of interesting information this morning.  Apple is engaged in a bitter legal battle with the makers of the gPod, an “adult toy” accessory for the iPod.  Ichiro Kameda is the president of the two man company that markets the gPod, and filed a trademark […]