New iPod Games at Macworld?

Mac Rumors is reporting that we might see some new games for the iPod at Macworld this year.  The rumored listed includes Jezzball, Snood, and Pinball.  Mac Rumors admits that the list is speculation at this point, since it can’t be confirmed…but let’s face it…it’s kind of a slow news day If you’re interested to […]

Apple’s iTV may extend “beyond streaming video”

Apple Insider is reporting that Apple’s iTV may extend “beyond streaming video”… Apple Computer’s forthcoming iTV set-top box may include features beyond streaming content and could have an impact on video similar to what the iPod has done for music, Bear Stearns analyst Andy Neff told clients in a research note Wednesday. Neff said he […]

Three New Get A Mac Ads

Just when we thought there would be radical changes to Apple’s Get A Mac ads with the rumor of Justin Long’s not appearing as “Mac” anymore (which has since been cleared up), Apple has released three new videos featuring the familiar John Hodgman and Justin Long team-up. One of the videos is holiday-themed, but I […]

Parallels Review

I probably won’t find a need for Parallels (nor Boot Camp) anytime soon, since firstly my Mac is still PowerPC based (unless someone sends me a MacBook soon … pretty please!), and since I usually have my Mac and Windows laptops running side by side when working. But for those who need multiple Operating Systems […]

New Keyboard w/ iPod Dock from Apple?

Think Secret has an interesting article up that claims that Apple has sent several customers replacement keyboards that have built-in iPod docks. According to sources, who were unable to see the keyboard themselves but heard about its existence from those who had, a small number of the unreleased keyboards were sent out to customers on […]

REVIEW: Griffin’s iTalk Pro

Griffin makes a lot of accessories for Apple products. Some I love…others…not so much…but Griffin’s latest little gadget, the iTalk Pro is something special. My wife has just been accepted into nursing school (and I’m very proud of her) . One thing that everyone has suggested is that she record her lectures so that she […]

Apple Prototypes: 5 Products We Never Saw

For every Apple product we see on the shelves, there are dozens that never make it to production. Sometimes, these rare gems surface on the web for us to take a look at, and ponder what might have been. Scouring through the interweb, I’ve compiled this list of 5 Apple products that only the most […]