Google Launches Official Mac Blog

While most online portals seem to ignore the fact that Mac Users even exist, Google has always supported the Mac community, and today they took that support one step further by launching their own Google Mac Blog. While there isn’t a lot of content to speak of yet, the addition of this blog continues to […]

3 Hilarious new “Get a Mac” Ads from Apple

I love these “Get a Mac” ads. I can’t help it. I know some people find them pompous, but these three are hilarious – and they make me proud to be a Mac user. The first (and weakest) of the three, Counselor, has the duo trying to work their differences out with a counselor…the second, […]

AppleGazette’s iPod Nano Giveaway!

We’re launching Apple Gazette in style by giving away the super-slim, totally re-designed 2g iPod Nano. How do you win? It’s easy. Just subscribe to the AppleGazette RSS Feed, and start looking for the “word of the day”. Each weekday for the next several weeks you’ll find a “Word of the Day” in the RSS […]

10 Apps to Increase Productivity on Your Mac

Productivity, both at home and at work, is something everyone would like to increase, and Mac users have a plethora of applications that can help you do just that. Below is a list of 10 apps that can help you increase your productivity. From burning disk images, to managing your time, giving your mouse and […]

MacAddict becomes Mac|Life

Macworld is reporting that MacAddict is changing it’s name to Mac|Life.  Of course, the “blogosphere” instantly lit up with opinions about this name change, some of which were very negative .  After reading MacAddict Editor-in-Chief Rik Myslewski’s explanation for the name change , I think it’s a good idea, and a very smart move for […]

iSkin announces the SiLo for G1 Nanos

iSkin today announced a trendy new case for your first generation iPod Nano. This premium grade leather case is so stylish and hip it even comes with a mirror so you can take a look at your bad self to make sure your makeup and/or hair is perfectly placed. All kidding aside, the case features […]

About Apple Gazette

Staff Michael Murphey Editor/Writer Drew Corbitt Creative Consultant/Writer Jacob Gower Executive Director For Advertising information please contact Dave Hamilton at Backbeat Media. Welcome to Apple – Your Ultimate Guide to Thinking Different Apple Gazette is a very different kind of Apple Blog. Most Apple related blogs are written by a large number of contributors […]

10 Ways to Trick out your Mac

Customizing your Mac is easier than ever these days. I started combing the web looking for new ways to “trick out” my Mac, and found these 10 links. They offer a variety of ways you can make your Mac your own, increase functionality and ease of use, and Pimp out your UI. Pixel Press Icons […]