“Home On iPod” in Leopard?

Apple Insider reported today on the resurfacing of the patent for the “Home on iPod” feature that was to be a part of Panther a while back. While the granting of this patent doesn’t ensure anything as far as the feature being implemented is concerned, it does bring the question of “Will we ever see […]

Back Up and Restore Your Entire iTunes Library

Apple has posted an article describing a new way to backup your iTunes library in iTunes 7 – “iTunes 7 offers a new way to back up your iTunes library, playlists, and iTunes Store purchases for safekeeping. The Back Up to Disc feature saves your media to a blank disc (CD or DVD) and once […]

iFizzle – A Virtual Mac on the Web!

This is just too cool.  iFizzle is a complete mock up of OS X written in flash.  Basically it’s a virtual Mac.  Even the iTunes works!  This is a very impressive piece of flash animation, and the crazy part is the creator of the site built it to help raise money so he could buy […]

Gear4 to release BlueEye iPod Accessory

British firm Gear4 has unveiled it’s newest iPod accessory, BlueEye , and it has some features that help it stand out from the crowd of iPod Accessories on the market. The device attaches to the dock conn found on most iPods and synchronizes key calling features with Bluetooth enabled cellphones. BlueEye has some expected features […]

Get A Mac Ads: Is “Mac” Getting Soft?

Like Michael, I also dig Apple’s new Get a Mac ads. I think it’s hilarious the way John Hodgman and Justin Long personify “PC” and “Mac.” However, I tend to think the ads stereotype the Mac and PC (and the users of each platform) too much. While number-crunching and “serious” work are the forte of […]

Ecamm unveils the iMage

MacNN reports Ecamm Network and Pico Instruments announced the release of their iMage USB Webcam for Mac on Tuesday. The Webcam works with any OS X video application, including iChat, Skype and more. The iMage promises high quality video for less than half the price of Apple’s iSight. The iMage is currently available for $59.95. […]

New Movie Studios coming to iTunes after the Holidays?

Apple Insider is reporting that two unnamed studios will be adding their film catalogs to iTunes after the upcoming holiday season.  The article notes a few reservations that studios still have in regards to working with Apple on movie downloads.  Those issues include pricing flexibility, and a fear of retaliation from retail outlets if lower […]