Top 10 Apple Commercials

Welcome to – to keep up with all the latest news on iPhones, iPod, Macs and more click here to subscribe to our RSS feed. The popular “Get a Mac” ads, are only the most recent example of Apple’s excellence when it comes to their advertising. Since the company’s inception, the advertising for Apple […]

Turn old Records into Mp3s with iVinyl

Coolest Gadgets is reporting today about a handly little device that is, indeed, cool. Especially if you have an old collection of cassette tapes, or vinyl records. iVinyl is a USBenabled device that will allow you to convert all your old tapes and records into mp3s. The Mac Mini looking device will look at home […]

Turn your iPod into a Karaoke machine w/ iKaraoke

Griffin Technology is releasing a very interesting product this winter…iKaraoke. This little device plugs into your iPod, iPod Nano or iPod Mini and effectively turns it into a Karaoke machine. iKaraoke sends the music of your favorite tunes to your FM radio minus the lead vocals, allowing you to step up to the mic and […]

Bone Act 1 Released for Mac

I’m a long-time comic book fan, and have been a huge fan of Jeff Smith’s independent title “Bone” since it’s first issue was published in the early 90s.  So, I’m very pleased to see MacNN reporting that Vanbrio Entertainment has finally released Bone Act 1: Out From Boneville for Mac.  The game is the first […]

iPod Red Revealed (w/pics)

Apple revealed the iPod Nano Red today, and it is available for purchase immediately for $199. From the Apple site: You make choices every day, from the clothes you wear to the music you play. Now making a choice means making a difference. The iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED holds up to 1,000 songs, 25,000 photos(1), […]

The iPod Nano Giveaway Contest begins today!

How do you enter? You can click on the graphic in the sidebar for the details. By subscribing to the RSS feed, you’ll be able to see a word or phrase of the day. During the contest this will be updated Mon-Fri with bits from a Steve Jobs quote. Keep track of them, and when […]

Everyone will be seeing “Red” tomorrow…

Mac Rumors, TUAW, Apple Insider, iLounge, and MacNN are all reporting that Oprah and Bono will be revealing the iPod Nano “Red” tomorrow on Oprah’s syndicated talk show. Not to be left out…we’re doing it too. The 4 gigabyte model will retail for $199, with $10 dollars of that going to benefit The Global Fund, […]

Apple’s iTV Universal Remote Patent Revealed

MacNN has all the details on Apple’s patent for a universal remote that is almost sure to ship with iTV when it launches in the first quarter of 07. Here is a brief excerpt: The patent reveals that the new remote will work with a plurality of appliances which includes one or more of a […]