Huge Collection of Apple ][ Games Playable Online

Okay, I admit it, I wasn’t around yet when the Apple ][ first hit the market in 1977. But hey, I’m still a sucker for old games. Somehow there’s something hypnotic in the simplicity of it all. Sure, you don’t get snazzy graphics and intelligent gameplay. However, the concept here is simple. Just. Play. It. […]

Christian game maker offers new titles for Mac

Digital Praise has announced two new titles for families looking for Christian themed games. Solomon Says for Kids: Volume Two: Amazing animals, and Dance Praise Expansion Pack, Volume 3: Pop and Rock Hits. They both cost $24.95 and are available for Mac OS X and Windows. The games are suitable for ages 7 and up, […]

Record your favorite shows directly to your iPod w/ iRecord

Getting content from your television to your iPod just got a whole lot easier.  Streaming Neworks has released iRecord, a PVR for your iPod.  It uses “state of the art patent-pending compression techniques to give you 3 hours of video/audio recording per Gigabyte of storage.”  You simply hook it all up, press the record button […]

Mac Attack about to Begin says Poll

Yahoo News is reporting that according to a poll from ChangeWave Research Apple is poised to grab more Mac converts during the coming holiday buying season. The main reason? Switching to Intel processors Here’s an excerpt: In its latest survey, ChangeWave Research found a large and growing pool of consumers who say they’re more likely […]

iPod Nanos on MySpace – Why, Dear Lord, Why?

TUAW points us toward three, count ’em three MySpace pages for the new iPod Nanos. The Green Nano, Pink Nano, and Blue Nano all have their very own MySpace pages, and over 1,500 friends a piece. Why you would want to be friends with an inanimate object is beyond me, but to each his (or […]

Apple files iPhone trademark, Analyst says release: 1st Qtr 07

Apple Insider has been working over-time today. First, with an exclusive confirming that Apple is seeking the rights to the name iPhone, a term used on the web for months to describe the long speculated iPod/cell phone hybrid device. Then they take it one step further, quoting Prudential Equity Group analyst Jesse Tortora, who claims […]

Video iPod as soon as NEXT WEEK?

The Internet is full of speculation about the mythical “true” Video iPod. It has been for the last year, but recently those rumors have been getting a bit more credibility from major news sites, and things are pointing toward the widescreen/wireless Video iPod coming out sooner rather than later… …but could we really see a […]

Steven Segal saves the world with a Newton

I almost hate to post this, but it’s just too cool not to. I found the link via TUAW over the weekend. Someone took the time and energy to edit together all the scenes from Under Siege 2 that feature the Apple Newton. Ah the Newton….it was ahead of it’s time…when will Apple give us […]