Apple updates refurbished products

Apple has updated their available refurbished products, including more Intel-based iMacs and completely removing the G5 iMac. Some of the products for sale include an Intel Core 2 Duo for $899 with 512MB of memory, a 24x Combo drive, and a 160GB hard drive – and a Refurbished MacBook 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo with 13.3-inch […]

10 Reasons Why an Apple Phone Would be Cool

For the longest time now, rumors have spread about an upcoming Apple cellphone. And up to now, these are still rumors. There have been patents uncovered, but later on clarified not to be plans for an Apple mobile phone. And come on, a company’s applying for a patent doesn’t really mean they’ll actually make a […]

10 Games that SHOULD be on the iPod

The 5th generation Video iPod can not only hold thousands of songs, play your favorite TV Shows, Movies, and Podcasts – now, it can even play games. The Video iPod is in an interesting place as a gaming device. It’s a step above cellphone games as far as graphical capability and screen size are concerned, […]

The $1.98 Video iPod Stand

I mentioned earlier today that I recently purchased a G5 Video iPod.  Before this purchase, I had been using an iPod shuffle for most of my music and podcast listening at work, but now that I have this big beautiful screen on my iPod, I felt like I needed to get an iPod stand, or […]

REVIEW: Instant Handbrake

I recently purchased a G5 Video iPod, and I’ve been looking for a simple solution for converting my DVDs to iPod Video. A Quick Google Search will show you there are several different options out there – some free, some not-so free. Last night, however, I found my favorite of the bunch – Instant Handbrake. […]

Dashboard Widget: Deep Sleep

I love the way my PowerBook sleeps. It’s fast (both sleeping and waking up) and it has close to zero battery consumption. I love it so much I don’t usually shut down my laptop when I travel. When I need to go online or do some work, I just open the lid and my stuff’s […]

How To: install SVN plugin for Finder

Brajeshwar sent us a useful How To for those of you looking for a way to get SVN integration right in Finder. This is a good tutorial, including screenshots to help you along, so if you’re wanting to get “under the hood” of your Mac and intergrate SVN into Finder, now’s your chance: Do you […]

Briefly: Apple’s 4th quarter results

For those you that might have missed it on other sites, Apple reported their preliminary fourth quarter results yesterday during a conference call.  Rather than repeat the same news here that you’re seeing all over the web, let’s just briefly say that things are looking up for Apple. Here is an excerpt from TUAW report: […]

1996-2006 – Ten Years of w/screenshots

The Web has changed a lot since 1996. As the Internet has evolved, websites have changed with them, but for most of the last 10 years, has look very much the same (at least the front page, anyway). Take a look at how the site has changed from 1996 to now… (by the way, […]

Wanted: Google Gadgets on Mac OS X

I was pretty excited about the recent news that Google has committed better support for us folks on the Mac. I’m a recent convert myself, much like some on Google’s Mac team (though not exactly a 100% switcher, since I usually work on my PowerBook and Windows-based laptop at the same time–I do a lot […]