Is Digg making it harder for Apple sites to reach the front page? appears to have made a change that makes it more difficult (i.e. requires more “diggs”) for Apple related stories to make it to the front page of the social news site. Is this just for Apple related stories, or is it an across the board change in Digg’s algorithm? It’s possible that this change […]

TuffWrap Accent for iPod nano 2G On Pre-order from XtremeMac

Fort Lauderdale, FL (October 31, 2006) — XtremeMac today announced TuffWrap Accent silicone cases designed to fit the new iPod nano. TuffWrap Accent cases are offered in two color combinations and are available for pre-order now for $24.95 via the XtremeMac website. TuffWrap Accent is a durable silicone case designed to protect the iPod nano […]

2G iPod Shuffle in Apple Stores Friday, Nov. 3 – CONFIRMED

Despite earlier reports, Apple has announced that the 2G iPod Shuffle will be available in Apple stores worldwide on Friday, November 3. The second generation iPod Shuffle is nearly half the size of the original, just half a cubic inch in volume. It weighs just half an ounce and features a minimal aluminum design with […]

History of the Mac

I have to admit that the Apple fan that I am, I am a recent switcher. The first time I started to use a G4 eMac as a personal computer was at work early 2005. But having left the corporate grind for a mobile/telecommute/freelance writer’s life left me without a Mac for a few months […]

5 fun Dashboard Widgets to Decrease Your Productivity

Dashboard Widgets seem to be divided into two main categories…useful…and not-so-useful (of course, I guess most things could be divided into those two categories, huh?). There are amazingly helpful Widgets like iStat Nano that can help you track all of your system stats with minimal CPU usage…and then there are these 5 Widgets. All 5 […]

2G iPod Shuffle Now Shipping

Mac Rumors is reporting that multiple sources have confirmed that the 2G iPod Shuffle has begun to ship from China. Apple first announced the new mini player in September at the “Showtime” event, and it is reported that the player has been in extremely high demand. Reportedly Apple stores will not see shipments of the […]

Get in the Halloween Spirit with your very own Jobs-O-Lantern

From the “Wow…that’s odd” department comes… Joy of Tech’s pattern for making your very own Jobs-O-Lantern. I’m not sure why you’d want your Halloween pumpkin to look like good-old Steve here…but if you’re into that sort of thing then, by golly, get after it. Ah…Halloween…it’s a very strange holiday indeed… Joy of Tech also has […]

RUMOR: Ultra Portable Macs? SPECULATION: Is it the next iMac?

Rumors were flying earlier this year about the possibility of Apple releasing an Ultra-portable Mac at Macworld 2007. The topic was brought up again on the Mac Roundtable Podcast this week, and it got me thinking. While I don’t think we’ll be seeing one at Macworld ’07 (I think the iTV and the iPhone will […]

Defining the Apple “Power User”

2006 is the year of the laptop for me. After several years of living by on company-issued laptops, then purchasing a low-end used laptop myself when I went freelance, I finally got to push myself into buying a new laptop this July, which was an entry-level Compaq Presario V2000. I really wanted a MacBook, but […]

WACKY WIDGET ALERT: Halloween Costume Generator

Having trouble coming up with an idea for your Halloween Costume this year?  Fret Not dear Mac User – this Wacky Widget from Left Brain Games will provide you with seconds…nay…minutes of Halloween Costume Generating fun. Simply download the free widget and click the “generate” button.  You’ll get great costume ideas like “Swashbuckling Ninja Clown […]